Anonymous: hi :) i don't want to bother you with this question but do you plan to continue your story "name me something money can't buy"?

tbh I’m mainly trying to actually /write/ something right now lol I’m struggling a bit. Like I need a plot, anything, just something to spark my creative juices.. it’s been hard.

If anyone has any JongKey plots (bc I really wanna write jongkey) that they’ve been wanting to be written send it my way and maybe it will spark something for me. I’d be forever grateful ;A; 

9 of  50 gif of perfection.

Bless you.

when they showed bummie’s graduation photo

Countdown to Kim Kibum's Birthday. Day 1/7.


Kim Ki Bum (키) 2/3 (x)

Jongkey’s babies; Comme Des & Roo