"The agency revealed that the teaser only shows “the tip of the iceberg” and viewers can expect more intense scenes from 4L." image

UH MY GOD CAITIE <33333 You’ve set the bar way too high I can’t even
I did not ;; your face is so gorgeous it hurts me deeply 

>//< Thank you Leita bb~


Do you ever look at jonghyun and just wonder how he moans during sex?

:3 you’re adorable
you guys give my face so much love 

aww my kitty cat is super gorgeous ;n;♥♥
Thank you Ruthie but unnie is the prettiest 

oh man you’re so cute ;;;;;;;;; and you tagged me nooooooooooooooooooo
yes I tagged you  ~ *pets your pretty face* I am da cutest 

you are so cute and pretteu and you have a heart-shaped mouth ;/////;
*hides under blankets* >///< thank you sweetie!! tbh I don’t really like my lips, but you make them sound cute 

I was tagged by the incredibly beautiful keymotions to do the 6 fave selfies some of these I’ve uploaded, a couple I haven’t but yeah, here you go :) 

So many people have already been tagged soooo I’ll just tag those who I think haven’t done it? And also those whose faces I just enjoy looking at bc they’re so pretty. kittenluna jongkeykiss key-goon and tokkibummie 

SHINee members + Toheart