wow jinki that’s kind of


get to know me meme: 2/3 male biases

kim jonghyun

taemin / dream girl era ~ requested by dubuwaffle

old dad key and wife ari on honeymoon walk


140424 Blue Night Radio

@cosmicsticks: Listener said it would be great if a miracle in spring were to happen. J: Yes…. its cold… even in spring.

Seems like there are a lot of people who are worried about my voice. It’s not even that I have a lo of schedules… its not even that im tired… its just that my heart feels heavy…

11/50 photos of Lee Taemin

Moon JongUp be like...

JongUp: "When you wear blue lenses you see everything blue?"
JongUp: "Elevators in America go up... just like in korea"
JongUp: "*Eating mango shaved ice* It tastes like... mango and ice together"

jinki is lovely  ~ for goomiho ♥

013 | 100 photos of Lee Jinki.