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130804 Jonghyun Derp Festival in Taipei
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jonghyuns-flat-ass: happy birthday beautiful~ I hope your birthday is as special and unique as you! I love you so much unnie <3

Thank you so much, sweetie!! image

ktshinee: happy birthday hun >< sorry this is a bit late.

Aww, no no bb you aren’t late at all~ thank you image

bleedingheart78: Hope I'm not late!! Happy Birthday lovely!!!!

You’re right on time, sweetie <3<3 Thank you~! 

shawolsdubuleader: It's still your birthday!!! *throws confetti* Happy birthday, you lovely, amazing person!!! :)

*catches confetti* THANK YOU BB!! image


Happy Birthday my lovely Caitie Bun~ I know I already sent you a gift but im still gonna post something hehe. I’ll try to keep it short and not ramble buuuut….. you know me, im impossible

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Anonymous: Happy birthday ^^ hope it's lovely~ <3

THank you, anonie!!! <3 image

Thank you ;;

So I just wanted to give a huge thank you to every single one of you that messaged me today. You made what was quite a long tiring work day completely manageable and sent me off with lots of lovely messages and also I came home to quite a few more. So thank you all, I’m seriously way too lucky and wish I could hug each and every one of you 

nipplesxoxo: happy birthday!!!~~~^^

;; Thank you, Morgan image

sulli-bum: ♡ Feliz cumpleaños ♡.

Thank you, bb!!